Friday, 5 July 2013

Stop Foreclosure: Get The Help You Need!!

How many of you have faced the terrifying prospect of losing your home to foreclosure? I have, too, and I want to share how I got through the fear and kept my home. There’s an absolutely amazing website called that is full of ideas and insight about how to stop foreclosure fast, and it was a huge help to me when I didn’t think there was any way I could stop the foreclosure process. Read on to find out how much help I got just from this one website.

As soon as I got the Notice of Default, I remember thinking “I have to stop foreclosure now,” but I wasn’t sure how to do it. gave me several suggestions about halting this process, one of which was to go talk to my lender to see if we could come to an agreement that would stop the foreclosure right then. Another was to look into HAMP to help me. HAMP means Home Affordable Modification Program and it was developed by the Obama Administration to help struggling homeowners. HAMP is a loan modification program, meaning that, if I qualified, some changes would be made to my mortgage loan that would result in a lower payment each month. Thank goodness, I did qualify, so that’s the option I chose to help me avoid foreclosure on my home.

If you need to stop a foreclosure today, you may want to consider filing for bankruptcy. I know, I know… no one in their right mind wants to take this step, but it’s the only way to stop a foreclosure process instantly. When you file for bankruptcy, an automatic stay goes into effect, preventing creditors from coming after you for what you owe them. Keep in mind that this is a stopgap action; it will not save your home in the long run unless you file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, which doesn’t guarantee keeping your home.

I wondered if I could stop foreclosure for free, and it turns out that it is possible to do so. You can get all sorts of free advice about averting the process from, from HUD, and from the FHA, and if you qualify for HAMP, you don’t have to put money down prior to getting your modified mortgage. With an FHA Streamline mortgage refinance, you may have to pay some loan-related fees, but that should be all.  Some qualifications for HAMP include having obtained your mortgage on or before January 31, 2009 and being able to prove a financial hardship.

I found to be an informative, helpful website that provided me with excellent, current guidance which resulted in my keeping my home. If you’re facing foreclosure, don’t wait – contact this terrific website at 1-800-987-1397 and get the information you need to remain in your home.

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